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March, 2004, Vol. 6, No. 1



Dentofacial Morphology of Class II Division 1
3 - 6

Accuracy of Computerized Axiography Controlled by MRI in Detecting Internal Derangements of the TMJ
7 - 10

Clinic, Diagnostics and Treatment Pecularities of Eagle’s Syndrome
11 - 13


The Influence of Site Preparation (Countersinking) on Initial Dental Implant Stability. An in vitro Study Using Resonance Frequency Analysis
14 - 16


Panoramic Radiographs in Assessment the Bone Mineral Density
17 - 19

Transmission of Microorganisms from Dentists to Dental Laboratory Technicians through Contaminated Dental Impressions
20 - 23

Oral Health Status in the Participants of the “Juvenile Hypertension Program 2002”
24 - 27

Dental Status Among 2-6 Year Old Children in Riga City, Latvia
28 - 30


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Dental Status Among 2-6 year old children in Riga City, Latvia

Ieva Henkuzena, Ruta Care, Irena Rogovska


Dental caries is a significant health problem for people of all ages, but the magnitude of the problem is greatest among very young children. The survey was conducted in Riga in year 2000 among 2-6 year olds attending kindergarten. The aim of the survey was to assess dental status (oral health) of the children and to evaluate severity of dental caries.

638 children, aged from 2 to 6 years were examined. Overall, 52% children were caries free and 48% of children had dental caries with highest rates among 4 and 6 year olds. The highest dft and dfs was registered among 6-year-old children. The highest rate of Care index of treated teeth was observed among 5and 6 year olds and lowest – among 2 and 3 year-old children. The results of our survey indicate the slight trend of caries decline among 6 year-olds.

Key words: caries prevalence, caries severity, care index.

Received: 12 02 2004

Accepted for publishing: 25 03 2004

Ieva Henkuzena - D.D.S., Institute of Stomatology, Riga Stradins University, Riga, Latvia.

Ruta Care - D.D.S., Assoc.Prof., Riga Stradins University, Riga, Latvia.

Irena Rogovska - PhD, epidemiologist at University of Tampere, Finland.

Address correspondence to Dr. Ieva Henkuzena, Institute of Stomatology, Dzirciema 20, Riga, Latvia LV-1007. E-mail: