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March, 2004, Vol. 6, No. 1



Dentofacial Morphology of Class II Division 1
3 - 6

Accuracy of Computerized Axiography Controlled by MRI in Detecting Internal Derangements of the TMJ
7 - 10

Clinic, Diagnostics and Treatment Pecularities of Eagle’s Syndrome
11 - 13


The Influence of Site Preparation (Countersinking) on Initial Dental Implant Stability. An in vitro Study Using Resonance Frequency Analysis
14 - 16


Panoramic Radiographs in Assessment the Bone Mineral Density
17 - 19

Transmission of Microorganisms from Dentists to Dental Laboratory Technicians through Contaminated Dental Impressions
20 - 23

Oral Health Status in the Participants of the “Juvenile Hypertension Program 2002”
24 - 27

Dental Status Among 2-6 Year Old Children in Riga City, Latvia
28 - 30


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Panoramic Radiographs in Assessment of the Bone Mineral Density

Estera Balcikonyte, Irena Balciuniene, Vidmantas Alekna


Efficacy of two panoramic-based indices (Mandibular Cortex Index (MCI) and the height of mandibular inferior cortex (CI)) were compared with a bone mineral density (BMD) of the lumbar area L2-L4 by dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry in 130 women as diagnostic key. MCI is a simple three-graded classification. It changes in the bone cortex of mandible and allows to distinguish normal and osteopenic/osteoporotic women. Correlations between mandibular cortex groups and between the height of cortical bone of mandible and the bone mineral density were significant. The efficacy of the panoramic-based mandibular indices in diagnosing osteopenia/osteoporosis is high. The results of this study indicated that panoramic dental radiographs should be used to assess the patient’s status regarding osteoporosis.

Key words: mandible, radiography, panoramic, bone mineral density, osteoporosis, diagnosis.

Received: 02 02 2004

Accepted for publishing: 20 03 2004

Estera Balcikonyte - D.D.S.,, Institute of Stomatology, Faculty of Medicine, Vilnius University, Lithuania.

Irena Balciuniene – M.D., PhD, Hab.Dr., Professor and Director of Institute of Stomatology, Faculty of Medicine, Vilnius University, Lithuania.

Vidmantas Alekna - PhD, Faculty of Medicine, Vilnius University, Lithuania. The President of Lithuanian Fund of Osteoporosis and of Lithuanian Association of Osteologists.

Address correspondence to Dr.Estera Balcikonyte, Institute of Stomatology, Faculty of Medicine, Vilnius university, 115 Zalgirio str., 2042 Vilnius, Lithuania. E-mail: