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December, 2005, Vol. 7, No. 4



Dental restorations quality in Lithuanian adolescents
103 - 109

Treatment of parotid gland tumors in Latvian Oncological Center
110 - 114

Evaluation of stable retentive properties of overdenture attachments
115 - 120

The influence of microvascular complications caused by diabetes mellitus on the inflammatory pathology of periodontal tissues
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Influence of premolar extractions on tooth size discrepancy. Part one: Analysis of Bolton index
125 - 127

Implants for orthodontic anchorage. Meta-analysis
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Dental Restorations Quality in Lithuanian Adolescents

Vilma Brukiene, Jolanta Aleksejuniene, Irena Balciuniene


The aims were to estimate the quality of dental restorations in Lithuanian adolescents and to relate differences in quality of restorations to gender, urbanization and residency. A total amount of 885 adolescents in 22 randomly pre-selected areas were clinically examined. The California Dental Association Quality Evaluation System was used for the assessment of the quality of dental restorations. 60.35 % of all restorations were not acceptable and had to be changed. 47.58 % of them must be replaced because of not acceptable anatomic form. Only in 8.9 % of participants all their fillings were considered as satisfactory, while in 24.8 % of adolescents all their fillings had to be changed. Regarding the reasons for the need to replace restorations substantial differences among different geographical regions were found, whereas in relation to gender and urbanization the differences were less pronounced.

Key words: adolescents, dental restorations quality, urbanization, gender.

Received: 13 09 2005

Accepted for publishing: 30 11 2005

1Institute of Odontology, Faculty of Medicine, Vilnius University, Lithuania
2Department of Oral Health Sciences, Faculty of Dentistry, University of British Columbia

Vilma Brukiene1 - D.D.S., Assistant Professor
Jolanta Aleksejuniene2 - D.D.S., M.Sc., PhD
Irena Balciuniene1 - D.D.S., PhD, Hab. Dr., Professor, Director of Institute of Odontology

Address correspondence to: Vilma Brukiene, Zalgirio 115, Vilnius 08217, Lithuania.