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March, 2005, Vol. 7, No. 1



Halitosis Manifestation and Prevention Means for Patients with Fixed Teeth Dentures
3 - 6

Clinical Effectiveness of the Twin Block Appliance in the Treatment of Class II Division 1 Malocclusion
7 - 10

Dental Treatment Needs in Lithuanian Adolescents
11 - 15

Mandibular Pubertal Growth Spurt Prediction. Part One: Method Based on the Hand-Wrist Radiographs
16 - 20

Factors Influencing the Removal of Posts
21 - 23

Oral Hygiene in Children with Type I Diabetes Mellitus
24 - 27

Critical Assessment of Temporomandibular Joint Clicking in Diagnosing Anterior Disc Displacement
28 - 30

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Mandibular Pubertal Growth Spurt Prediction. Part One: Method Based on the Hand-Wrist Radiographs

Antanas Šidlauskas, Laura Žilinskaitė, Vilma Švalkauskienė


Many orthodontic treatment modalities will yield a better result in less time if properly correlated with the unique facial growth patterns of the patients. The pubertal growth spurt depends on gender and varies in relationship to the chronologic age. General skeletal maturity usually is used as an indicator to predict timing of mandibular growth velocity peak. Hand–wrist radiographic evaluation is one of the diagnostic tools currently available to determine whether the pubertal growth has started, is occurring or has finished. The overview of topic related literature and skeletal maturity assessment (SMA) system developed by L.Fishman are presented. The SMA system is based on eleven discrete adolescence skeletal maturational indicators of hand-wrist bones, covering the entire period of adolescent development. Maturational stage and level demonstrated close correlation with maxillary and mandibular growth velocity, amount of incremental growth and timing. Clinical indications for the use of hand-wrist radiographs to assess skeletal maturity are provided.

Key words: orthodontic treatment, hand–wrist radiographs, pubertal growth spurt

Received: 15 11 2004

Accepted for publishing: 22 03 2005

Kaunas University of Medicine, Lithuania

Antanas Šidlauskas - D.D.S., PhD, MOrthoRCSEd, assoc. prof. and Head of the Clinic of Orthodontics.
Laura Žilinskaitė - D.D.S., postgraduate student
Vilma Švalkauskienė - D.D.S., postgraduate student

Address correspondence to dr.Antanas Sidlauskas, Clinic of Orthodontics, Kaunas University of Medicine, Luksos-Daumanto 6, Kaunas LT-50106, Lithuania