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Stomatologija 2003; 5 (2): 44-47 176 KB

Dental Plexopathy

Vesta Guzeviciene, Ricardas Kubilius, Gintautas Sabalys


Aim and purpose of the study were: 1) to study and compare unfavorable factors playing role in the development of upper teeth plexitis and upper teeth plexopathy; 2) to study peculiarities of clinical manifestation of upper teeth plexitis and upper teeth plexopathy, and to establish their diagnostic value; 3) to optimize the treatment.

The results of examination and treatment of 79 patients with upper teeth plexitis (UTP-is) and 63 patients with upper teeth plexopathy (UTP-ty) are described in the article. Questions of the etiology, pathogenesis and differential diagnosis are discussed, methods of complex medicamental and surgical treatment are presented.

Key words: atypical facial neuralgia, atypical odontalgia, atypical facial pain, vascular toothache.

Address correspondence to Dr. V.Guzeviciene: Dept.of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, 2 Eiveniu str., Kaunas, Lithuania.

Received: 22 04 2003

Accepted for publishing: 27 06 2003